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Steel Series
Seamless steel pipe
ERW steel pipe
Galvanized steel pipe
ASTM A106 steel pipe
ASTM A53 steel pipe
Carbon Steel
Concentric reducer
Pipe cap
Bend pipe
Pipe cross
Stainless steel pipe fittings
Alloy pipe fittings
weld neck flange
Plate weld flange
Blind flange

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  Steel Series Carbon Steel Stainless steel Alloy tube Flange  
Seamless steel pipe
1.Seamless steel pipes are round, square and rectangle steel with hollow cross-section and no seaming on the surface. We have ASTM seamless steel pipe, A234 WPB-WPC seamless steel pipe, ASME seamless steel pipe, ST37 s...
ERW steel pipe
Welded steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe with seaming on the surface,  which is transformed steel tape or steel plate into round and square shape and then welded. It adopts steel plate or band steel as blanks. Ac...
Galvanized steel pipe
Galvanized steel pipe: In order to improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipe,  we galvanized the steel pipe. It is durable in use and mainly used in fence,  exterior building,  or interior handrail ...
ASTM A53 Steel pipe
ASTM A53 steel pipe is lighter than solid steel,  such as round steel when they have same bending and twisting strength. It is one kind of steel with economic section. It is widely used in making structure parts a...
ASTM A106 Steel pipe
ASTM A106 steel pipe: Welding grooves’ chamfering and end flating was made at two ends of steel pipe. In order to solve the problem of processing of pipe end of steel pipe with thick wall,  there are two chamferi...
Elbow is a kind of common pipe fitting for connecting two pipes with same or different nominal diameters,  then make the pipeline turn in certain angle. In pipeline system, elbow is used in changing the direction ...
Pipe Tee
Tee is the connecting piece of pipe fittings and pipes. Tee is usually used in the branches of main pipe. It includes straight tee and reducing tee. The pipe end of straight tee has same size. The main pipe of redu...
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